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Rockford Spine Center Surgeons Named to Becker’s Spine Surgeons to Know 2016
Posted on: February/05/2016
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Rockford Spine Center surgeons Michael Roh, M.D., Christopher Sliva, M.D., and Fred Sweet, M.D., of Rockford Spine Center, were named in January to the list of Becker’s Spine Surgeons to Know 2016.

Rockford Spine Center Surgeon Fred Sweet, M.D., Published in 50th Anniversary Edition of Spinal Deformity
Posted on: November/19/2015
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Sweet One of Only 10 Surgeons Recognized in National Magazine

RSC Featured in Northwest Quarterly Magazine
Posted on: December/22/2014

The winter edition of Northwest Quarterly Magazine highlights Rockford Spine Center and all of the exciting things happening at the practice to advance spinal care.

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Dr. Sweet Touts Quality of Healthcare in Chamber Voice
Posted on: September/17/2014

Dr. Fred Sweet has a guest column in the September 2014 issue of the Rockford Chamber Voice. He discusses the excellent quality of healthcare available in the Rockford community.

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Phil Oliveri, PT Comments on Common Stretching Mistakes
Posted on: March/31/2014

Rockford Spine Center Physical Therapist Phil Oliveri is quoted in an article about stretching mistakes on the national health website

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The 5 Worst Stretching Mistakes You're Making

The story was also picked up on ABC News and Huffington Post.


Alleviate Back Pain Now - Save Money and Discomfort in the Future
Posted on: March/31/2014

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons states that back pain is the most costly healthcare problem in the workplace other than the common cold. It is the second leading cause of missed work days, equating to 40 percent of all absences or viewed another way, accounts to 83 million missed word days. Dr. Christopher Sliva wrote an article for Expert Beacon that offers tips on how to alleviate back pain now to save time, money and discomfort down the road.

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Alleviating back pain now saves money and discomfort in the future

Dr. Sweet Shares Spine-Friendly Workspace Dos and Don'ts
Posted on: March/31/2014

Many of us will experience some form of back pain in our lifetime. Some cases are more severe than others and there are a variety of causes. A well-known trigger to back pain can be your work environment. Dr. Fred Sweet drafted an article for Expert Beacon that outlines tips for making your workspace more spine-friendly.

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Is your workspace spine-friendly? Ergonomics to reduce pain

Dr. Roh Article on Minimally Invasive Surgery in Chamber Voice
Posted on: April/08/2013

Dr. Michael Roh shares his insight on how surgical advancements have lead to more productive workers in the April 2013 issue of the Rockford Chamber Voice. He also highlights some common back surgery myths.

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Understanding Spinal Stenosis
Posted on: August/23/2012

Dr. Christopher Sliva drafted an article on Understanding Spinal Stenosis that is posted on the website Dr. Sliva explains spinal stenosis, what symptoms to look for, methods for diagnosis and treatment options.

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