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About Us

You don't have to leave the Midwest to find world class spinal care.

Rockford Spine Center now, The Spine Center at OrthoIllinois's founding partners had a vision to create a comprehensive care facility dedicated solely to spinal care. The partners understand that to be good at something you have to specialize in that area and become an expert. Dr. Michael Roh and Dr. Christopher Sliva have put that philosophy into practice. Rockford Spine Center now, The Spine Center at OrthoIllinois was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing the best spinal care in the country while prioritizing patient care and convenience.

Many people suffer from back and neck pain. In fact, the North American Spine Society reports four out five adults will experience an episode of significant back pain at some point during their life. So, it's no surprise there are a lot of unanswered questions. You can find the answers you've been looking for at Rockford Spine Center now, The Spine Center at OrthoIllinois.

Definitive Experts in Spinal Care

Our innovative physicians are leaders in their respective fields and are dedicated exclusively to the treatment of the spine.

The three partners of Rockford Spine Center now, The Spine Center at OrthoIllinois are fellowship trained spine surgeons who perform several hundred spinal surgeries a year. It's part of what sets us apart and makes us one of the top referral centers for spine care in the Midwest. Not only have the physicians gone the extra mile through their education, but they continue to explore the latest techniques to diagnose and treat the most complex spine conditions.

Comprehensive, Conservative Treatment

Our state-of-the-art facility offers a comprehensive care setting where patients can be tested, diagnosed, consulted with and treated - all under one roof and often times during a single visit.

Patients are offered a variety of treatments from low-risk conservative options to state of the art surgical treatment. At Rockford Spine Center now, The Spine Center at OrthoIllinois, you choose your course of treatment, not the doctor. The goal is to empower the patient, so you have a choice.

Spine disorders often involve other parts of the body. Sometimes they cause pain in the neck, hips or limbs, and sometimes spine disorders are the result of other medical conditions. At Rockford Spine Center now, The Spine Center at OrthoIllinois, we understand that being experts in spinal care means taking time to treat the whole person. We look beyond x-rays and tests to understand a patient's lifestyle, medical history and more to make an accurate diagnosis. We explore all treatment options and start with conservative care, such as pain injections and physical therapy. If surgery is required, we use the least invasive method possible to provide the most effective result. In fact, the majority of our patients don't need surgery.

Patient-Centered Care

We take pride in the relationships we build through caring for our patients. In a satisfaction survey of our patients, 100% of those who responded would recommend Rockford Spine Center now, The Spine Center at OrthoIllinois to others.

Rockford Spine Center now, The Spine Center at OrthoIllinois is dedicated to providing compassionate, convenient care. We make listening to patients and fully explaining their conditions and treatment a top priority. Our commitment to patient-centered care means that we provide the staff and services to coordinate all aspects of treatment, so we can handle much of the paperwork, testing and scheduling, and allow our patients to focus on getting better. Our in-house billing manager works with insurance companies to help patients understand the charges and coverage for services. On-site testing means patients can get same-day x-rays and MRIs to speed diagnosis and treatment. And a dedicated physical therapy department provides care that's coordinated with physicians and part of a comprehensive plan.