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Rockford Spine Center Surgeon Fred Sweet, M.D., Published in 50th Anniversary Edition of Spinal Deformity
Posted on: November/19/2015

Sweet One of Only 10 Surgeons Recognized in National Magazine

Rockford, Ill. (November 11, 2015) – Spine Surgeon Fred Sweet, M.D., of Rockford Spine Center, earned national recognition in October when he was one of only 10 surgeons whose paper was included in the 50th Anniversary edition of Spinal Deformity magazine. The magazine was issued and details of the study released at the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) Annual Meeting and Course in Minneapolis which took place September 30-October 3, 2015.

Dr. Sweet’s paper was based on a two-year study focused on the Transforaminal Anterior Release for the Treatment of Fixed Sagittal Imbalance and Segmental Kyphosis (TFAR). The TFAR technique is used to correct severe deformities of the spine. Dr. Sweet devised the method in 2005 and he and his surgical partners at RSC, Michael Roh, M.D., and Christopher Sliva, M.D., have used the technique on more than 70 patients in the last eight years.

TFAR corrects sagittal imbalance and segmental kyphosis which is a severely crooked spine. Many of these patients are unable to stand up straight; walk without assistance; or lead a productive life. Nerves can become pinched as the deformity worsens, leaving many of the patients in extreme pain. Using the TFAR, the surgeon can straighten the spine without cutting through bone. Dr. Sweet devised the method to go through the disc where there are no blood vessels. The technique leads to shorter operating times and less blood loss.
“It’s an honor to be recognized and we’re pleased at how TFAR is changing lives,” said Dr. Sweet. “This method puts less stress on the patient and leads to an easier recovery.”

Presentations at the Annual Meeting & Course are given by leading experts in the field and have value for health care professionals who treat spinal deformities at all levels and in all ages. More than 125 papers were presented on an array of topics related to treating spinal deformities.
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