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Rockford Spine Center surgeon attends scoliosis meeting
Posted on: October/04/2019


Rockford Spine Center’s Dr. Michael Roh recently attended an international scoliosis conference where world experts gathered to discuss the treatment of scoliosis and complex spinal deformity.

The 54th Annual Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) Annual Meeting & Course in Montreal, Canada attracted more than 1,500 leading authorities who treat spinal deformities, including scoliosis, kyphosis and trauma. SRS is the premier society for complex spine surgeons across the world, and Dr. Roh has been an active member for many years and has served in their leadership cabinet as a committee chairman.

During the past few decades, scoliosis treatment has largely focused on new surgical techniques and new forms of spinal instrumentation and implants. This year’s conference focused more on topics such as improving safety, maximizing cost-effectiveness, and optimizing care based on the numerous treatment types that are available.

Dr. Roh said he was pleased to hear Rockford Spine Center is already doing much of what was recommended and discussed.

“The meeting was really confirmation that we’re providing cutting edge and top-notch care to individuals in Rockford and the surrounding communities,” he said.

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