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RSC team learns new 'cutting-edge' techniques at event
Posted on: November/06/2018

Rockford Spine Center’s Dr. Michael Roh and Physician Assistant Matt Schwabero recently attended a spine medical education conference entitled “Skull to Sacrum” in New York City.

The conference covered a wide array of advanced spine surgical topics and techniques pertaining to the entirety of the spinal column. Rockford Spine Center’s surgeons frequently travel for educational events, and to observe and teach surgeries, in order to improve the quality care delivered in Rockford.

A highlight of the “Skull to Sacrum” event was presentations by Dr. Lawrence Lenke, a mentor and friend of Dr. Roh’s who specializes in complex spinal surgeries. Lenke is a professor of orthopedic surgery at Columbia University Medical Center and surgeon-in-chief at The Spine Hospital at New York-Presbyterian. Dr. Roh worked closely with Lenke during his spine surgery fellowship at Washington University in St. Louis.

“Dr. Lenke is so good at explaining complex topics and sharing his vast experience,” Dr. Roh said. “He shows us his amazing results, but also his challenges, and the value of that is tremendous.”

Dr. Roh said he’s working to apply what he learned at the conference in his practice at Rockford Spine Center. “We’re already utilizing many new and cutting-edge techniques from the course, with excellent results!”

The event was organized by Medtronic, one of the world’s largest developers of medical equipment and spinal instrumentation.

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