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RSC's Dr. Fred Sweet educates surgeon group in Boston
Posted on: March/31/2018

Rockford Spine Center’s Dr. Fred Sweet recently traveled to Massachusetts as an invited Professor at the winter meeting of the New England Spine Study Group to speak about his work with spinal deformity patients and a unique surgical technique he developed.

The group included about 45 surgeons from such locations at New York City, Boston and Philadelphia. They host two meetings each year and typically invite surgeons from across the country to present on various topics.

Dr. Sweet spoke about spinal deformity procedures and his surgical technique, transforaminal anterior release (TFAR), which corrects a severely crooked spine without cutting through bone, leading to less blood loss and shorter surgical times.

The trip also allowed Dr. Sweet to consult on some of the other surgeons’ patient cases.

Dr. Sweet frequently travels to other parts of the country to speak about spine surgery techniques and procedures. Last year, he traveled to Texas to do a TFAR demonstration for surgeons in a cadaver lab. In April, he’ll do a similar presentation as an invited professor for orthopedic spine surgeons and residents at Washington University in St. Louis.

About a dozen surgeons have expressed interest in visiting Rockford to observe Dr. Sweet during surgery, and he usually hosts one or two physicians at a time.

Dr. Sweet did the first TFAR procedure in July 2005 and has performed more than 100 of the procedures since then. He has published articles on TFAR and spinal deformity cases and become known in the national and international spine communities for his work.

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