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RSC Physical Therapist Attends Specialized Body Movement Seminar
Posted on: June/01/2017

Rockford Spine Center’s Cassie Alderks, PT, DPT, recently completed a specialized training course in Rosemont, Illinois, through the internationally acclaimed Gray Institute.

The two-day Chain Reaction® seminar focused on applied functional science, allowing participants to simulate real-life activities and take apart movements to better diagnose and treat patients seeking physical therapy. The course allowed them to break down actions – from walking to golfing – to improve the understanding of the entire movement by examining the natural three-dimensional chain reaction that occurs in the body.

Alderks enjoys helping patients understand how they move and function, and she seeks out continuing education opportunities such as this to further specialize care for patients at Rockford Spine Center.

“This is another tool in the toolbox to help us specifically assist patients with activities they want to return to and improve their overall mobility and stability,” she said.

Alderks joined the Rockford Spine Center physical therapy department in July 2016. She earned her bachelor’s degree in exercise science and a doctorate in physical therapy from Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

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